Library Regulations

Covid-19 Protocol

• The Nicosia Library will be able to accommodate up to 3 guests at the same time and the Limassol Library up to 4 guests.
• All guests should wear a facial mask while in the library.
• Librarians will be wearing gloves and disinfect books upon their return.

Our services

• The CIM operates 2 Libraries: the Main one in Nicosia and a second one in Limassol.
• The Libraries provide its members with a large number of services and resources, including extensive range of electronic resources.

Who can use the Libraries?

• The Libraries's resources are available to CIM students, staff and alumni. Access to the Libraries will only be permitted with a valid ID card. Please remember to carry your ID card with you at all times.

How to use the Libraries

• You can access the Library catalogue remotely through the CIM Intranet.
• If you are a new student you will be offered a Libraries induction at the start of your academic year, which will provide the essential information you need to get started with your studies.


• The Libraries attempts to ensure that all students can make full use of Libraries resources and services. If you have any comments about the Libraries and its services, or suggestions of ways in which they might be improved, contact for Nicosia or call at 22778475 and for Limassol or call 25343556.
• Wherever possible, you should contact the Libraries in advance if you wish to make use of any of the services outlined in these pages. Although this is not essential, it helps us to provide a better service.
• You should note that in the public holidays and at weekends only a few staff are on duty in the Libraries and many of these services will not be available. Nicosia Library is open from Monday-Friday 15:00-19:00 and Limassol Library from Monday-Friday 15:00-19:00.
• Students can also request the Library to open during other times through an e-mail request at least 48hours before.
• Prospective students are welcome to visit the Libraries or contact us for further information.


• Students of libraries can borrow books with the presence of their Student ID card. Their Student ID card is held by the librarian until the books are returned.
• You can borrow a maximum of 3 books for 14 days. However, all books are subject to recall if required by another borrower. If a user requires more books for loan at a time, he/she must returns first at least one of the previously borrowed according to his/her loan history.
• Some material held within the Libraries is Reference only and cannot be borrowed. Reference material is indicated with the initial R, placed on the spine of a book and can be used only inside the reading rooms of the libraries. In case of an urgent need / demand, libraries can use short-loan of reference books (maximum 1 book, for one day).

Renewing and Returning books

How do i renew my books?

• Normal loans can be renewed as long as they are not reserved by another reader. You can renew in person at any Libraries issue desk or contact via e-mail (for Nicosia library), (for Limassol library)
• It is your responsibility to ensure that books are renewed or returned on time and in good condition.
• The date given at the point of issue or renewal is the official notification of when they are due back.
• If you are unable to renew your books please contact the Libraries.

Where do I return books?

• Books should be returned to the Libraries from which they were borrowed and within the library open hours. This ensures that books are taken off your loan record promptly, and are back in circulation and available for other readers to borrow as fast as possible.

Reserving books

Can I request a book?

• You can request items that are out on loan using the online Libraries catalogue (Intranet).
• Through libraries open access catalogue you can check the following : Full entry of a book, availability the book and Library collection that belongs to)
• You can request a book in person, via e-mail and telephone or by online form “Request copy reservation”

What do I do if a book I have is recalled?

• All books are subject to recall at any time, including vacations, if requested by another reader.
• If a two week loan is recalled you will be notified by email and have seven days in which to return the item unless the due date is already within 7 days. The new date on the email replaces all previously issued due dates.
• An overdue recalled loan will incur fines of 1 Euro per day and temporarily block your Libraries account
• During vacations you need to check your University e-mail account regularly and ensure that your books are always available even if you go away for any reason.
• Recalled loans can be posted back to us and recorded delivery is advisable.

Do we charge fines if my books become overdue?

Yes we do. This is to ensure that stock is put back in to circulation as quickly as possible for the benefit of all students.

What are the fine rates?

Fine rates are as follows and apply to all staff and students of the Business School and other categories of membership who can borrow books.

Fine and charging rates

Loan period of book Daily fine rate Maximum charges per book
2 week loan €1 per day 3 books max €50

How do I pay a fine?

You can pay Libraries fines by the following methods:
• By cash or cheque in person at any Libraries issue desk
• Through the Intranet using a credit/debit card
• By cash or cheque at any Library site

Photocopying policy

All students should comply with the following photocopying rules for libraries books:

• 24 hour notice should be given to administration staff.
• A Maximum of 30 pages from any book can be requested due to copyright laws.
• A fee of 5 cents per page is payable upon collection of the copies.

General Libraries Regulations

1. Users entitled to borrow items may have on loan at any time no more than the maximum number of books permitted to them, as determined from time to time by the Librarian in consultation with the Business School's directors.

2. Users are not allowed to take any material out of the Libraries without completing the appropriate loan procedures.

3. No item may be borrowed on behalf of another user without the presentation of a written request signed by the user in whose name the item is to be borrowed.

4. Loan periods will be determined from time to time by the Librarian in consultation with the Business School's directors.

5. Borrowed items may not be taken out of Cyprus without special permission of the Librarian.

6. Any item on loan may be recalled, if required by another user, or if required for teaching purposes, or if requested by the librarian.

7. All items must be returned to the Libraries from which they were borrowed by the date and the hour specified.

8. Users returning any Libraries item after the date or hour specified shall be liable to fines. Only librarian’s official receipt is accepted as evidence of payment of a fine. While a fine over the permitted limit is outstanding, users may not borrow.

9. Any user who on demand fails to return a book may be required to pay the costs of replacing it.

10. The Librarian may at any time, in consultation with the Business School's directors, withdraw any item from circulation.

11. Manuscripts, rare printed books, designated Reference items and other similar material may not be removed from the area in which they are kept, except by special permission of the Librarian.

12. No user may use or borrow any physical item until it has been recorded in the Catalogue and stamped with marks of ownership.

13. Any user who returns the books with markings or damage will be required to pay the replacement cost of 50 Euro.

Other Regulations

1. Users must leave the Libraries premises immediately in emergencies and when requested to do so by the Librarian.

2. Users must comply with the provisions of any relevant legislation as, for example, laws relating to a) intellectual property rights including copyright, b) data protection etc.

3. Care must be taken of all Libraries items and materials. No user may mark, mutilate or annotate books, and any marking or damage found must be reported to the Librarian. Hand-held scanners and cameras may be used only with the express permission of the Librarian.

4. Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in any part of the Libraries except in designated areas to avoid damage to Libraries stock and equipment, and disturbance to other users.

5. Smoking and the use of matches or lighters are strictly prohibited in any part of the Libraries.

6. The use of personal radios, cassette and CD players and mobile phones is not permitted in the Libraries to avoid disturbance to others users. Mobile telephone must be switched off, or made mute, in the Libraries.

7. The use of laptops in the Libraries is permitted, provided they are not a nuisance to other users.

8. Users must not bring animals except guide dogs and listening dogs into Libraries premises.

9. Misuse of Libraries facilities, abuse of staff, or conduct prejudicial to the proper use of the Libraries by others, particularly as a quiet place for reading and study, is forbidden. Any person behaving inconsiderately or inappropriately on the Business School's Libraries premises may be required to leave immediately by the Librarian.

10. Personal belongings should not be left unattended or used to reserve seats. Unattended items may be removed by the Librarian. The personal belongings should be kept in the user’s lockers.