UWL Application Form

Please make sure:
  • You complete the form using English characters only and in the English language
  • Your file uploads are less than 15MB in size (otherwise you will not be able to submit the form and have to restart from the beginning)
  • You do not fill out the form using your mobile phone or tablet

Check List

All documents submitted must be in English language. Official translated documents will need to be uploaded where applicable. Please contact our administration office for assistance at admissions@cim.ac.cy.
Before you procced please make sure that you have:

Programme for which you are applying


(Please indicate if you have been offered a scholarship or any form of financial aid)

Contact Information and Details

Correspondance Address

Education Qualification

Please state most recent first and attach copies of certificates or transcripts

English Language Qualification

If English is NOT your native language, please specify which English Language Qualification you have taken or intend to take (e.g. TOEFL,IELTS), and give the relevant grade/score.
o For Bachelor level programmes: IELTS 5.5, or GCE minimum C or High School Leaving Certificate, English Subject minimum 16/20 or other equivalent
o For Master level programmes: IELTS 6.5 (5.5 for each individual component), or GCE minimum C or Bachelor Degree delivered in English or other equivalent

Member of Professional Organisations

Please include a membership or any professional body or organisation (please give your registration number where relevant)

Current and Previous Employment

Please outline any work experience you have had (both paid and unpaid). Please include details of any special responsibilities.

Personal Statement

Please use this section of the form to provide information to support your application, including your reason(s) for wishing to take the course of the study and the benefits you expect to gain from it.

Equal Opportunities

Please note that this section of the form will be detached before your application is considered. We would encourage you to give information about your disability to the University so that we can endeavour to make reasonable adjustments for you. This information will only be available to Admissions and Disability staff and will not be made available to anyone else without your explicit permisison.

Ethnic Origin

Disability / Special Needs

Criminal Conviction(s)


We require at least one reference as part of your application. Please supply details of your referees and upload the reference letter(s). Wherever possible, one referee should relate to your current or recent work, and one to any current or recent study.

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